Love Karioi

Restoring biodiversity from
Mountain to Sea.



Engaging community

Creating opportunities and participation in practical conservation, local employment and education.

Working in partnership

Working collaboratively with all partners
to achieve a shared vision.



Our Story

Imagine a seabird mountain! Before humans arrived here, there were thousands of seabirds returning to breed each year on Karioi. What an amazing sight to behold! Due to the hard work of our team of staff and volunteers we now due to the hard work of our team of staff and volunteers we now have chicks successfully fledging from our coastline once again.


Since 2009 our community has been actively working together towards restoring our unique coastal forest and its native birdlife. A special focus is on grey faced petrel / Oi, a native seabird that like many other native birds is vulnerable to predators like stoats, rats, feral cats and possums.

Large scale predator control on over 2000 hectares of Karioi Maunga and surrounding land, aims to protect a small remnant population of Oi that return each year to breed on Karioi as well as little blue penguin, kaka, bellbird, tomtits, kereru, morepork, tui, and fantails. Unless active predator control is in place to protect Oi nests existing populations are unlikely to survive. Large-scale predator control also means we might one day see kiwi back on Karioi.

Our vision is to restore biodiversity from the mountain to the sea. We do this by engaging our community, providing environmental education, and creating sustainable partnerships with other organisations.


Karioi Partners

The Karioi Maunga ki te Moana project is a community-led conservation project, run by A Rocha Aotearoa NZ in partnership with Te Whakaoranga O Karioi, Whaingaroa Environment Centre, Te Whaanga ahu Whenua trust, members of Tainui hapu, the Department of Conservation, Waikato Regional Council and the local Whaingaroa/Raglan community.



1500+ traps

350+ Volunteers

2300 hectares
of coverage